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  1. How's this litter getting on ? Any pics of pups
  2. Cheers lads I'll have a look now appreciate it ATB
  3. Just been informed It's bulldozer X posh bitch not porche any one got any info on posh bitch ? Breeding,pics ect
  4. Here's Northantscourser's double lucky bred bitch She's getting mated with bulldozer X Heidi dog when she comes in be some pups in the right hands ATB with that litter when the time comes mate Hares Shot And Retreived
  5. More of the red dog Hares Shot And Retreived!
  6. More pics of the bulldozer X Heidi dog and 1 of bulldozer brother (on the bridge) Hares Shot And Retrieved
  7. Some pictures curtesy of Northantscourser bulldozer X Heidi dog Hare was shot and retrieved
  8. So a lot of you's would recommend it ?
  9. Some dog then eh Northantscourser and TaxiDriver she's coming on well thanks her recall is spot on (mostofthetime) haha naa she's got good recall I'm just going to use her for the daytime see how she shapes up and cheers mate ATB
  10. Cheers Northantscourser did it ? Must be a good dog then any pics ?
  11. I've heard it's good for building stamina that's why I took her and its was only a £10 they wash and flea your dog and how ever long you want your dog in the pool
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