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  1. i dont want invites out i just want 2 no where there is a rabbit pen that i can hire sorry if ur offended at least i got a reply
  2. so out ov 40 odd people not 1 wants to help, this site is a absaloute pile of shit
  3. no i advise keeping working dogs out side in a kennel with a run with shreddid paper in boxes and sawdust on floor of runs i diddnt no it was a whippet but honestly it works have tried it all with diffrent dogs over the years some people use electric shock collars but i wouldnt ever use one to quite a dog down i think like everybodys saying loads of exercise and a good warm bed and a mealn in him and he should be right
  4. moron how can you call any one a moron when your dogs clearley dont even live in a kennel theres a picture of them sat on a bloody chair your the moron how can u give advice out when your dogs are house pets ?
  5. no one wants to help you these days do they
  6. hi does any body no of a rabbit pen for rent in cheshire area please let me no thanks also an experianced spaniel handler that would help me out maybe show me the ropes i am 27 and drive and can pick some 1 up if needs be i dont want to ruin my new dog by doing to much with him thanks for reading this
  7. ice cold hose pipe pal blast it with it repetadley until it gets the picture i find that its the best way and i dont care what people might say its cruel it works and it works fast
  8. good news ive got her back i am buzzing one of my neighbours had her in the house thank god , she must of escaped some how never mind she wont be getting out ever again.
  9. i hope she turns up aswell reallysmart looking bitch am fukin gutted about it but what can you do thanks 4 intrest
  10. it was took out of my yard leave the pups running free in the day then pen them up at night nice 1
  11. got home before to find my pup missing she is only 3 months old cash reward for her safe return am gutted have rang dog warden but theres no sighn of her any info pm me thanks
  12. silver 2003 mint condition 7 seats if needed good tyres towbar just had brand new cluch and cambelt and full service less than 100 miles ago, only ever been ran on white diesel will go nearley anywhere, 6 month tax 12 month mot full service history ,this 4x4 has been serviced every time it should of been ,Drives like its brand new cd player 5 door , both back doors open only had dog in boot you wouldnt no they had been in valetts every week.Am after a van I.E astra van or just a decent van but it must be smallish van with ok miles and well maintained sorry about spellings. thanks or would take £3300 or decent astra van ply lined in same condition worth that money thanks 3 3