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  1. 4woody4

    Nv Suggestions?

    Looking to get a NV scope for my 243. Been looking at pulsar but there's too much to choose from any suggestions? Thank you
  2. Looking to get a NV scope for my 243. Been looking at pulsar but there's too many to choose from, any suggestions? Thank you
  3. 4woody4

    2 Bolts Last Year In The Snow

    The mother was a Lakey/Patt and the father was a rough coat russel. shes not hard and she comes from the wrong kind which is spot on for me
  4. Tried a few holes last year in the snow with my young bitch. the last hole we tried was confidently marked by the lurchers. dropped my bitch in and left her to do her work, she was baying steady. We then saw a paw come out from the snow, the fox was making himself a hole. He bolted and soon after so did another follwed by the terrier.
  5. 4woody4

    jack russel puppies

    could i have some pictures please mate ?
  6. 4woody4

    9 month old lurcher

    cheers for the help, how are people meant to learn when there are wankers like you lot ?
  7. is there someone out there who can help me please , i have a 9 month old lurcher pup and i have started taking her out with a gun and dog pack to get her used to the hounds and gun, but on sunday the hounds started speaking and my lucher pulled off the lead and ran off but passed the hounds to meet a fox in the brook, but half an hour later the hounds spoke again but in a total different area and she ran behind us over the hill away from the hounds i dont understand why she done this as she is a real keen pup who is shaking rabbits and squirrels all the time. my suggestion is that she isnt up for the job ?
  8. 4woody4

    For sale chest freezer and a fridge

    sirry didnt read it properly
  9. 4woody4

    For sale chest freezer and a fridge

    where are you based ?
  10. 4woody4

    el chimbo 410.

    still for sale
  11. 4woody4

    el chimbo 410.

    mid wales mate
  12. 4woody4

    el chimbo 410.

    here we have a ' el chimbo ' double barrel hammer shotgun, it is in very good condition sad to see it go but i need the money license holder only ! £120
  13. i have only used the locater 3 times and it has been successful each time, but i have upgraded to the bellman and flint so im looking for a quick sale. in perfect working order. Mk3 deben terrier finder with the non magnet collar ( 16ft ) £50