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  1. JJ01

    New Shooter Buzz!

    Hey all looking to get into Clay shooting after really enjoying and done well at a Game Fair which i got such a buzz! So im after some advice. I know you need a licence and a cabinet that needs to be bolted to the walls or floor but the a few other things i would like to ask: What gun is good for a beginner? (nothing to over prized and i dont mind second hand) What Cartridges are people using? And any clubs i can join in Cheshire ?? And just any advice people can give me ?? Much appreciated Jay
  2. JJ01

    Falconry Scales

    Im looking for a decent set of scales to weigh a European Kestrel with. Anyone recommend a reliable brand? And what do you use with your bird? Cheers JJ
  3. JJ01

    Wanting a European kestrel

    Anyone selling or know whos selling any European Kestrels Chicks In the North West area ? (Im after a Female but if none a male) Cheers JJ
  4. JJ01

    Best Age!

    What do people think is the best ages is to get a Parent Reared American Kestrels? (Im thinking 8 weeks) And any preferences to which sex is the better for hunting starlings?? Since i wouldnt mind a female since shes bigger! Cheers All JJ
  5. JJ01

    Vitamin Supplements

    Think ill leave it then tbh ! Cheers everyone ! JJ
  6. JJ01

    Vitamin Supplements

    Anyone recommend a good all round Vitamin Sup brand ??? Cheers JJ
  7. JJ01

    RTH Kite Training

    Yh I think i will do it! its just an amazing thing to watch them stoop down but i can think of many situations on the different land i hunt where waiting on can be devastating and i can flush rabbits out into the open fields as well as hunting off the glove !! The only decision now do i go male or female hmmmm????? CHEERS JJ
  8. JJ01

    RTH Kite Training

    I was thinking with reguards of hunting flushed featherd friends and to be honest i love seeing them Soar and stoops are just amazing !!! JJ
  9. JJ01

    RTH Kite Training

    So iv been thinking about my first bird now :hmm:and im really starting to like the Red Tail Hawk which would probably be best! But i want to know can you kite train them? Iv read other forums and people say yes but others say no. what's your opinion? And if yes do you go the same way about it as you do falcons ? Cheers JJ
  10. JJ01

    First Bird Dilemma

    Thanks Daz Its probably the best idea to leave them ! JJ
  11. JJ01

    First Bird Dilemma

    Cool vid ! and thanks for the advice! Its a tough one really with pigeon i guess i just want the most affective bird for them really probably a Gos. What u think would be close second?? JJ
  12. JJ01

    First Bird Dilemma

    Thanks For your reply Jasper and yes i have had experience in management of BOP and tbh it's all common sense really. If i got a Peregrine I would wait it on and flush the pigeons from the middle of the fields where they spend most of the day in big flocks which is a pain when air rifle shooting since being soo out of range. So if your where me what would you do? Dont get me wrong i love HH and red tails but i want to spend all my time on one bird since i would never pass a bird off and HH live a long time and i just know flying pest are abundant on the lands i hunt. And im going to research a bit longer i just would like to have a bird in mind where i can plan around it. JJ
  13. JJ01

    First Bird Dilemma

    Hi I apologize in advance for this topic probably been done a million times but i got to get some thoughts. I am a long Time Raptor Lover and Interested In Hunting and is now finial going to go for it and get myself a B.O.P. I've flown and taken part in many displays and days out hunting with B.O.P since i was very young but never had the time and money with being young. Now im older and have the time and money i've decided to go ahead and get one with the main aim of hunting. I have lots of land to go hunting since i'm also interested in air rifle hunting and my family have had horses all there life so with that come many farmers and land to hunt. My Main qurry is going to be Wood Pigeons, Rooks, crows and magpies and the environment is wetlands. But everything i read about first time birds always say go for a HH ! But they wouldn't be suited for the quarry i'm going for and i'm not using it as a stepping stone for a future bird! So is there no way a person who is well researched and has had thousands of experience with many animals such as a Wurms to an Elephant and qualifications in animal care and management can go for a different bird and get the most out of it? If So what Would people suggest? Myself i'm in lover with Gyr/peregrine And think they are one amazing bird as well as the Gyr/saker but thats just me So can anyone Help me out ?? JJ