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  1. as if i would give out my new address you dickhead lol thats not my address thats one is where i was going to meet up think its not hard
  2. look i have not put any mobile number up hear all i am trying to do is sell my unwanted good's im not doind any thing wrong
  3. you lot need to get this sorted out you have the wrong man and it's not fair on me
  4. i don't no where all this came from im just trying to sell my rifle and stuff and then i get called all the names under the sun i will prove im not a graham when some one buy it and meets me face to face
  5. what mobile number ???????
  6. also i have a lot of spare parts and loads of velcro and a home made gun rest to clean it on some airgun world magazine must go or may swap the lot for a dirt bike ktm or such
  7. yes im genuine come and meet me and then your no that what your hearing is a load of crap you can try it shoot it and try all the outher stuff to atb
  8. look if your not intrested could youi please not leave comment's it's not helping any of us
  9. what do u mean graham???? give people a chance on this site!!!! if i was a scam then why would i be doing face to face ONLY? do you know what this is pathetic! i dont care if i sell my stuf or not to tell you the truth.
  10. ok thanks for the warning
  11. brand new s400f carbine 177 made in feb 2012 serial number 111468 used 3 times air arms scilencer harris bi-pod tilt nikon sterling mountmaster 3-9-40 milldot with bushnell flip ups fx pump tracer lamp new worth £120 bisley gun oil gun oil and clothes pellets gun bag brand new jack pyke jacket size m gun bag green with boxes facde to face only no post i will travel up to 20miles from my house my address is 93 hestersway road cheltenham gl510rg £650 for the lot ovno IS ALL JUST OVER 2 MONTHES OLD
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