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  1. Amazing short guide there mate, thanks
  2. was just looking for a general solution to the problem mate, i could, but its a question i would still love an answer too, as no doubt people ponder the same question to themselves when looking to get into the game,
  3. Im new to this website, and to be honest pretty new to the hobbie/sport whatever you guys call it here, I've always wondered due to the fact the people i know bring on there dogs by generally doubling them up with a tried and tested beast in the field. What if someone has no one with a dog to double up with, or one does not own a dog already in its working prime, how would one go about fetching there dog onto the field for the bunnys, wether it be via ferreting, lamping, or just strolling, is it a case of simply presenting a dog with something to chase ect, This does all apply to me, ive got my dog jumping, retreiving dummys, recall, sit stay, you name it, its simply a case of the final hurdle for my 14month old dog. Thanks to everyone who replys to this nooby post, but if i cant ask it here then there aint no where else to ask regards.
  4. Hey im a massive fan of whippets, love the dog, would like to hear everyones views on pure whippets in the field Thanks mates.
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