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  1. It’s not a be camper it’s a Mercedes vario that I’ve built into a motorhome. It’s a 7.5tonner so much bigger than those little vw ones. Although yeah, those do fetch silly money these days!

    At the moment I’m trying to find somewhere I can store it to live in, no luck as of yet though. 

  2. Exactly what my Mrs said, less stuff for ot to destroy in the van! :laugh: 

    I'm hoping there'd be times where I could take the dog to work, if not my girlfriend would be off and failing that, I'd get a friend/family to come take it out for a walk.

    Tempted by a half X, what kind of size do they usually make? 

  3. Having grown up with them, im currently thinking long and hard if a dog will fit in with my lifestyle right now. Ive grown up with Staffies and English bulls, just love them but was hoping for something with a bit more pace for general mooching, rabbits etc. I know there's plenty that say a dog like that will be wasted on me if that's all I want to use it for but it seems the best of both worlds to me with my love for the bulls!

    At the moment I'm living at my Nans but I'm flying back to my camper van in Spain soon which I'm goin to travel in for a month before bringing it back here to live in. 

    Would it be sensible to rear a Bullx pup in a campervan lol? Plan is to take the dog with me as much as I can! I'm self employed so work is flexible which would be handy. As me and the Mrs could work it so while ones at work, the other isn't. 


    Itd be be a pet, moocher and travel companion.if it can help fill the pot then that'd be lovely too!


  4. Riiiiight, one shim in and a bit of adjusting.. I'm closer... But not quite there! Rough measurements but I'm shooting from about 20/25 yards out and even wound right out on the elevation I'm still having to aim 3/4 of an inch lower.


    Not getting bad results from my drawn up targets though :)

  5. I was aiming at bullseye, pellets were hitting two inches higher. I've managed to get the mounts off with brute force and a star key as suggested and have shimmed the front mount with a cut to size, piece of yogurt pot plastic.


    Haven't shot it again but will do soon to see if it's made much difference.

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  6. Haven't got any photo negatives but have plenty of tin foil. Say my rifles shooting about 2 inches high how much do I need to shim? :S


    I'm going to wind it back, say 10 clicks, shim then hopefully use the clicks to get it spot on.

    What's all this talk about optically cantering and do I need to do this? I was thinking take all the mounts off, swap them over and try zero off that, if I still can't manage it, shim the rear? Is this right or do I need to shim the front if it's shooting higher than I'm aiming?

  7. Makes sense mate! I'll have a look and see if there's anything noticeable! Been target shooting all morning getting my eye back in, can hit where I need to but I have to aim 3 dots down on my mildot scope to hit what I need. Just dropped a pigeon with a headshot though so it can still do the job...

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  8. I've got a Webley Stingray II here that I haven't picked up for ages. Before I go splashing loads of money on a Pcp I thought I'd zero it and have a little play. I started with an a4 piece of paper about 15 yards away and aiming at the centre, it wasn't even hitting the paper! After a bit of guessing where the pellets were landing I managed to eventually get it down to hitting about 2/3inches below where I want to hit at 25 yards but I'm now out of clicks on the adjuster.


    Any help on this?

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