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  1. as rabbit is easily taken to your local butchers and he may possible buy them
  2. Hi pest controllers don't tend to charge per rabbit they ushaly charge by the hour, if there is an emergency you may then even charge a small call out fee, i charge £20 per the hour but business is slow at the moment as there is so many people willing to do it for the sport and poachers so have a back up plan in case , take into precaution petrol charges to farms equipment used, however pest control with requires 24hrs box traps, you want to negotiate a price with the landowner hope this helps atb!
  3. at the end of the day these pups are going to a good home what more could you wish for?
  4. lmfao no wind was a pain in the arse alot of tangled nets setting them up blowing off the holes, hense the lost rabbits, not gonna say i wasent expecting it though lmao overall i had a good day to be out rather seeing the same 4 walls of work and home
  5. Lmao i usually am was in 2 minds weather to go home, but just stuck it out for 2 hours lol
  6. Lmao i usually am was in 2 minds weather to go home, but just stuck it out for 2 hours lol
  7. think they were 55mph winds up there that day all on open land
  8. lmao yer could say jedward are a relation lmao and thanks mate
  9. Well after a long hard week at work i thought i would take a look upto Cumbria with my little brother for a spot of ferreting, after an hour and a half drive we arrive at Cumbria to opened the car door it nearly snapped of the wind was out of control, i was in two minds weather to drive back home or stick out this weather, i decided to stick it out. After a 20 minute walk up the hills we came across a hillside which had about 10 sets on, there was no escape from the wild winds, so we though of a way how we were going to tackle these sets, and decided to net them all there was a nearby bush were the dogs could not get into, and boy this was a bad idea the first net was all over the place but abit sand on each side they were fine. So in goes the ferret, there was a long 30minute, no movement no thumping no sign of the ferret so we located the ferret and a 10minute 4ft dig we got to the ferret and 1 bunny was in the bag. so we moved further along the bankside and set the nets up was a matter of seconds as the ferret entred the set, boom! 1 bunny hit the net and rolled down to my feet, and lost another 3 due to the nets blowing off the holes, but in all we bagged 4 rabbits which was better than none in my opinion
  10. can you still eat rabbit meat with myximytosis or is the meat contaminated?
  11. how do you train a dog to do bushing mine dont seem to know what to do?
  12. okay lads i have been doing abit of research and found the answer i was looking for, much appreciated!
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