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  1. Thanks Philpot. A few things for me to think about there. I definitely don't want the problem of punching holes in shed sheeting. So maybe go with some of the guns mentioned and work on accuracy before hitting the sheds and tricky shots.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll look into those makes and models.
  3. Hey Lads. Looking to get my first air rifle. It will be used for hunting in the field rabbits, pigeons etc. but in also want to use it in sheds for birds on timbers/ purlins. Not my first gun in my 40s just not really up to date on air guns. Would people reccomend Springer or PCP. Would I need power adjustment for shooting near shed cladding? Preferably I'd like a mutishot if possible. Don't really want to spend more than 500 -600 on the rifle before adding scope. Open to all suggestions or opinions. Being in Ireland I presume the amount of secondhand air rifles available would be smaller th
  4. As the title says has anyone used a floor paint or sealer on a concrete floor of kennels. I know a lot of them lift after awhile. Just looking for opinions or options to make it easier for washing out.
  5. Thanks Rebel. Warden seems to be out in force lately even with the covid. Never hurts to knows you rights if they do arrive unexpected.
  6. Well guys as the title says I was just looking to see would anyone on here know the following. Can a dog warden enter your property on his own .For instance climb gates /fencing etc. to look at dogs.? IF the warden is accompanied by guards can they enter without permission? Who has d authority to enter your property without permission? I'm not asking as if I'm doing anything I shouldn't be [ maybe ive a few more bitches than I should ] but some information for people in general would be helpful. Thanks in advance
  7. Anyone know what these boots are like ? Going to be used for following hounds and digging. Anyone with other options ? Was trying to keep around the £ 150 mark if possible.
  8. There was a lad in limerick ,Ireland selling them. He was advertising somewhere online can't seem to find his details at the minute if anyone can help?
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll have to go that way or i'll be in trouble wit ye all
  10. Looking to get a rifle which will be used mainly for rabbits , grey crows around the kennels and the odd fox. Just wondering what guys would recommend for my needs?
  11. Anyone dealt with this crowd .Are these prices good or too expensive ? http://www.donedeal.ie/petaccessories-for-sale/meat-raw-food-for-dogs/6954843
  12. but they will take more breaking in than a 70 year old NUN AND IVE GOT THE BLISTERS TO PROVE IT LOL Can't find them on their website have they nenamed them by any chance.
  13. What altberg boots would you guys recommend for hunting with hounds and digging.Must be waterproof .
  14. Thanks for the replies lads i'll look into that company for them.
  15. Anyone know where I could buy brass terrier couple with trigger hooks? Preferably in Ireland but the uk would suit if they post.
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