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  1. if i new you you could of lamp i will use the vid dont be saying things like that cos the little get will be wanting me to drop him off for ya and pick him back up.so u will end up with the job atb mate. take it he does not have a car
  2. got a vid of my mates to dogs collie whippet and his whippit ghound the dogs have pass away good little dogs they where if you want to see it
  3. got a few vid off last winter but can put up but a do have my on site put any vid on that site
  4. got this land off my old mate good dog man to old to do it now use to do a bit lamping with him had to take my dog up to the farm to let him see what it was like with his sheep and cows he was happy did not do much ferreting just a look around the land nice lampin land for the pup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd7TyjhuGUU
  5. thanks mate put a vid on of the land i will lamping with the pup not had this land long 1 year farmer has to farms this is the first farm
  6. thanks lads it will not take much time getting her going with that game about had her up last week with the old bitch ran three big rabbits pup kill one rabbit she done well on the big rabbits can not put vid on sorry lads
  7. me to mate the lab was jumping all over dont no if it bit the lab
  8. what is a lurcher a mong mate dog does not have to have scars to be a good dogs had lurchers for a few years now not one of my dogs are scars up had some good dogs mate
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