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  1. Always been interested in this breed,the gamebred ones,all the people who own the real stuff say they are a noble dogs,I do only listen to the old timers though who say patience is the biggest thing missing in ownership today as with most things today is got to happen now,immediate or it’s not regarded as worth the effort involved,which in this breeds case means devastating mouths but questionable gameness,whereas gameness used to be the foundation.So much you can gleam now with podcasts forums etc about this breed.Put this photo up before and like most photos it doesn’t do the dog justice,I cannot take my eyes of him when he’s about just the definition of canine athleticism imo,was offered a pup out of a recent three time Russian champion but at the time thought f**k Russia,and seriously there’s nothing I can do with a dog of that ability here,and most of my dogs are mental anyway and a reflection of the owner,next level responsibility,you know eyes in your arse etc


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  2. DC don’t know how to paste what you just said but are descent Lurchers whatever the type not placed instead of sold?seems to keep the descent terriers where they should be despite the obvious merry go round of dogs sold ,not a working dog breed that hasn’t been affected by money,here what your saying about the bad press knock on as well, but I like to think that no matter what working dog breed there will always be a core of dogs that will always and should be out of reach for shall we say daydreamers even the ones with right intentions still daydreaming ….you can’t outlaw a plant…and you can’t outlaw a man with a passion for his dog …..anyway back to me daydreaming 👍

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  3. Certainly not trying to muddy the waters of an outstanding thread,just understand there trying to get the breed international recognition and sounds like a more robust Saluki type,my knowledge of lurchers consists of what I’ve read on here..help🤣 and personally I own two terriers but may add a whippet or something due to the ever increasing cost of meat👍

  4. Just seen a video of this one jumping out the back of a van in Essex,nice looking animal ,black and tan,next video was of it tied into another runner so I guess the lads aren’t fecking about with there investment,just recently had read this thread and the knowledge on here makes it a good read,figured a few may have seen them or worked them,it’s interesting that DNA.profile has them as separate breed from Salukis,or have I just swallowed the sales pitch 👍atb

  5. Saw these interviews recently on YouTube part 4 if you don’t want the long haul,can’t usually deal with interviews by yanks on these dogs but we’ll worth a listen if you have sometime as I do ,driving all day everyday,and I looked at the setup of Lee Robinson/Robertson @American sentinels,they don’t do things by half’s,kennel setup ,location some fine animals indeed,space they have out there allows for what they keep I guess,worth a look.Most of those yardtour things I can’t bare but the Lee Robinson sentinals setups worth a look 👍

  6. Tada Ukraine,Vlad will be in southern France by Friday next week if he wished apart from an ever shrinking British Forces we all got to fat and complacent,so long as we have a video off YouTube of a Ukrainian jet getting shot down stoically trying to defend his people where happy to carry on choosing between eating/heating ,merrily chucking £100 in the van to get 10 miles up the road to the whingeing tossers that await us,anyway, maybe Germany will get over there guilt and give Vlad a good shoeing,ahh got that off me chest for a minute 👍

  7. Yeah still that way,Basildon is currently building a new Cinema/shops/bars in the middle of town centre as it was getting run down,empty shops etc,Pitsea is the same,knocked the railway pub down and paved it ,little bit of a Market on there now but like most places not thriving like it used to be,it’s all about sanitised if you like.

  8. 87-90 Wilf ,Minden ,Germanymost of it did BATUS Canada,woke up in a Canadian police cell wondering how I got there ,and spent last part of my illustrious career in MCTC Colchester,wanted out after the first real taste of pussy ,wouldn’t let me leave after spending money on me,so had a little breakdown in the officers mess....they weren’t happy...never liked officers though...respected very few to be fair apart from platoon Sgt.See a couple about still who had a brain 👍Atb

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