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  1. Some wing feathers taken out or if they fly they are shot
  2. Hi iam looking for live feral or ex racing pigeons in the Liverpool area
  3. Cex exchange voucher worth £75 will take £65 for it. face - face only
  4. bodhran


    hi do you still have this dog box by any chance ? many thanks Hi mate sorry only just seen your reply and yes i do still have the box thanks Tony
  5. AYA no2 barrels 28in chokes 1/2 1/4 blued about 3 years ago very good condition £1200
  6. bodhran


    Dog box W35 1/2in D22 1/2in W24in £35
  7. bodhran

    dog box

    dog box just over 3 years old w35 1/2in d22 1/2in h24in £35 http://i556.photobuc...anisgay/030.jpg
  8. I have very nice Air Arms s220 mk 3, it has a ten shot Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 scope and a mod, just over a year old and not had much use £335 SOLD thanks John
  9. bodhran


    hi mate, were is some were is it some were over the rainbow, sorry had to much to drink have a nice christmas
  10. thanks Si just got to sell my s200 now, Tony
  11. Hi Si, thanks for that but what is bull barrel? is that a full moderatored barrel if so is it quiet? thanks Tony
  12. hi all can some one help not sure to get bsa s10 with bull barrrel or theoben mk11 not tried both of them, have aas200 now that is for sale thanks
  13. Air Arms 22 mk3 just over a year old, 10 shot, moderator and bushnell 3-9x40 trophy scope all in mint, price dropped for the last time to £360 comes with a bag and pellets frist to see will buy http://i556.photobuc...nisgay/s200.jpg
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