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  1. Hi Guys I am looking for a bit of rough shooting around Hatton of Fintray anything considered 35 years experience and can supply references.
  2. Hi Everyone I am living in Hatton of Fintray Aberdeenshire and wondering if anyone has any land that requires protection or would be happy to allow myself a bit of rough shooting.I can supply references and will if required shoot everything from rats to roe in a safe controlled manner.I have been out of the country for several years so i am starting from sratch.I have a Jack russell and a springer which require daily work outs and i would like to think my knowledge built up over the last thirty odd years in how to conduct myself on other peoples land would soon become apparent.In return i can help to move beasts and assist with the lambing when needed and can turn my hand to repair most things and be a extra pair of local hands during an emergency situation.
  3. I am living near Aberdeen and would like to join a small hands on syndicate --more for the crack then the big bags.
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