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  1. kipo tried to send you a private message but would not let me the collie cross terriers how big will they be when fully grown like the sound off these cross breeds

  2. known dave over 30 years and i took him to the first kelpie he ever used at a farm i worked on. here is some pics of a kelpie/collie x greyhound whippet he gave my lad last week. 8 weeks old and retrieving and sitting.
  3. hi i'm in bakewell derbyshire.i want £30 for box and £7.50 postage it is brand new never been used i bought it off farrier from rabbiters.com for my husband for xmas but got the wrong one.that is the only reason i'm selling it.it is very well made not that cheap crap wood you can buy.thanks davina.........i also have it on ebay if you would like to have a look at it. if you put in ferret box and mine is the green one or just type in davinadeanabbie and it should come up.
  4. double ferret box for sale it's bow backed and light weight for easy carring.inbox me if you are intrested thanks davina
  5. has netloft stopped trading sent them a email but no responce but they still have there website

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