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  1. kyte

    faulty yukon photon

    cheers y"all !!
  2. kyte

    faulty yukon photon

    nice one thanks,, my only worry is the fault is completely irregular and if they try it in the shop sod's law will have it that it doesn't play up, i managed to get glimpses of of video evidence on my phone which should be plenty of proof,
  3. hi all,, i bought a brand new yukon photon from my local gun shop last saturday , un boxed it last night to set up with new adjustable mounts and whilst zeroing the image on the screen would sometimes cut out and become completely fuzzy, zig zag lines etc, then return to normal screen . i know its not meant to do this as have owned one before with no problems, i did manage to get footage on my phone as proof. my question is am i entitled to a replacement or refund from the shop as i don't want to have to deal with warranty issues on a brand new device and have it sent away etc? i just want to swap it and get on with it, does anyone know what my rights as a consumer are ?? thanks for any help with this
  4. hi, i know its bit late but I'm trying to find a well handled polecat hob ,, this years kit if poss. i only have two jill atm but think ones in her final year and don't want one left on her own if old age take her this winter.. I'm based in cornwall, willing to travel bit and pay obvs.. my ferrets are really tame as i want to trust them in any situation so am looking for one with the same temperament .. its worth an ask,, will wait till next year if i need to ,,. cheers
  5. kit includes 1x 8ft ferret finder + collar and batteries,,( mk 1 i think,) 2x 25 yrd deben long nets and anchors quickset long net system with basket ,2x 50yard nets , poles 100% bagging bag of about 30 puse nets,, 10 of which are yellow 10oz wooden carry box £150 based in somerset,, can deliver locally if fuel covered ​please pm me with you r phone no if your interested could probably sort out a courier, cheers
  6. somethings getting into our duck pen and chewing the back end out of the odd young duck,, i remember it happening in pheasant release pens years ago to young poults when i was a trainee and the head keeper said it was hedgehogs?? is this right ?? as i can't find any proof any were on the web that a hedgehog will do this,,?? cheers