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  1. a beagle can catch them on there maybe it could but your dog cant, otherwise you wouldnt be saying it.
  2. Thanks for all your points, The pup seems fine only 6 weeks old bitch, she should be fine by sounds of it from what Ive just read, thanks.
  3. took my two new pups to get vaccinations today, vet said pup has heart murmur but not to worry, anyone else had this? and will it effect running? vet said might go by 2nd jab. ???
  4. What a load of crap, fancy phoning police you dick, horses will kick dogs, not only cobs but race horses will do the same, yours was obviously a pile of shit any way, NOT FAST ENOUGH. best thing for it, hope it suffered as you will if you dont keep that mouth of yours shut. hOW COULD IT BE THE OWNERS FAULT. if your dog was off the lead and wnt in field its your own stupid fault, shit happens mate as it did when you were born.
  5. Just added recent pictures of the three pups i got left to first post,, all dogs, 2 white ones and the black grizzle, £300. wont find many better than these.
  6. Forgot to add these pics were taken about 4 weeks ago, I have some recent pics of three pups and mother having been shaved out, but cant find my lead as yet, will do asap. but its the two whites and the black/white/ grizzle left for sale.
  7. ">">Got three dog pups here for sale, sire is elvis (budxben) ben by charlie bred bitchx pure sal, owned by DC bred by FH. bud is by rose out of twister thats direct tina turner X LUCKY LINES. dam is bred biscuit x kahn jihad direct. wooly stuff. both parents/grandparents decent daytime dogs on big land. £300. each and i,m in kent. bred for my own use and freinds but 3 are left from 9. ready to go now 10 weeks, very strong pups. pics to follow. 07851263981. for any other info on breeding. Both parents can be seen. ">
  8. never seen lamp, hare, or caught anything to retrieve, i dont run dogs at this age unless its sept when they are 12 mth. this pup is 12 mth on july 12th. hes run 1 fox daytime that jumpewd up whilst walking him behind my house, fully grown and couldnt escape him, hes fast powerful, very clever but as i say needs bringing on NOW. THATS WHY HES GOT TO GO NOW. if hes still here in two weeks i'll get him fit to run in stubble to see what he can do. Hes cheap, i paid double as a pup, hes jabbed, microchipped and ready for training, ie retrieving etc, what do people want for their money nowadays,
  9. Hiya, got this pup here for sale, done nothing except run bolted pugged rabbits and accidental daytime fox, He has done nothing wrong, just me not having enough time to bring him on this winter. Hes a bit over weight at moment so needs some work on fitness. Hes dam is 'lady' black and tan bitch out off 'Bud' x D C 'ben'. His sire is 'LADDIE' THATS OUT OFF BILL DOG. Top dog once. Hes about 8mth in this pic. Offers around £200. I'm somewhere in kent, pm for more details.
  10. its me g [bANNED TEXT], but he was using my login to get pics on, they didnt get the dog he started swinging at em. Thanks for your offer i will tell him hes bit gutted at mo cos he doesnt wnt to leave the house in case they come back for him. Any ways thanks macca, can you edit the names off your post please mate. we all paranoid now.
  11. just had my gate kicked in, in broad daylight by three fellas, caught them trying to get sire to pups out of kennel, they had tools and didnt realise till they went my missus's yorkie pup was gone, was in 02 merc. wankers.
  12. thanks for comments fellas, they really are good litter, only one small in litter, all will make big dogs, my last litter off him to another kahn bred bitch, produced a bitch 27tts at 12 mth that i kept. nice to hear people agree, thanks.
  13. sire is white with black brindle 29tts. a machine. no pics of him going on here but can be seen if meet to collect pup.I bred him myself from my match bitch 'bud' that was bred by eastwoods with lucky, deacon and twister lines, top class bitch very boxy, sire of him is d chalks 'ben'.
  14. not for sale too much hassle.
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