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  1. Need your advice. I want to buy a new scope for my browning xbolt hunter rifle. I currently have a leupold 1 inch tube scope on the rifle mounted in low rings. There is less than 1 mm space between rifle and the objective. I now want to mount a leupold vx-r 3-9 x 50 with 30 mm tube. Objective diameter is the same as current scope. Cant seem to determine if i can use new low rings or I need medium or high rings due to the wider tube diameter. Please advice me. Mullez
  2. Hello, About to order the Deerhunter Sneaky Leaf camo set. http://www.deerhunterclothing.co.uk/Deerhunter-Sneaky-3D-Packable-Camo-Set I have not had hands-on experience, so I am not sure about which size to get. Does anyone have this camo set and can advice about the correct size. The sets seem very large and I I am a size large - I never wear XL. Which size would you recommend? S/M og L/XL - Mullez