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  1. No mate I've searched there website nothing on there will have to try ringing them cheers Richie
  2. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a spare material ferret collar for the older rectangle transmitter for the mk3 ferret finder (collar only not transmitter) also need a battery cover can't seem to find these anywhere any help will be much appreciated
  3. Had the same prob meself mate and buttermilk has give you all the info u need just follow it and she will soon get fed up atb
  4. Had the same idea mate bt trying to get hold of a reflective houseing is a pain in the arse and to buy a new 1 would prob cost you bowt the same as a new lamp.
  5. Does it just stop the bleeding or will it heal the split aswell.
  6. My whippit pup split its tail the yesterday and i just wondered if eny1 else has had the same problem or knows what to do about it, All info appreciated. Thanks kyle . . .
  7. Always used shredded papper mate never done me wrong.
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