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  1. Selling my smk20 in .22,Comes with Leapers swat 3-9x44,Mounts and flip covers and a real tree camo carry bag. Everything is in perfect working order,only had it a year and have put about 2 tins of smk pellets threw it. Theres a little light rust on the barrel from been sitting about from a wile,but will come of with abit of elbow grease. Will send pics to your email address if needed.Email or pm me offers not in a hurry to sell.Will post for £15 extra and accept paypal. Buyer must be 18 or over.
  2. This may be the wrong section.But i was wondering what stalking trousers you think is the best? Im looking at buy a pair of deerhunter ram trousers.Can you think of anything better? What trousers do you ware? Dont want camo as i stalk on open hill! Cheers!
  3. Why is it illeagal to shoot/kill seagulls in the uk?Ive been wondering what the reason is for years. Whats is the reason?You can shoot crows,but not gulls? Didnt no what section to put this post in,so i tho id put it here.Sorry if ive put it in the wrong section. Cheers
  4. Could you send some pics to chris-burkey-iz@live.co.uk and do you accept paypal? cheers chris
  5. Sent you a pm,do tou have any pics you could send? cheers
  6. If its still for sale on thursday al take it of you:) wil keep ma eye on it!
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