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  1. Thanks for all the interest the Rifle is now Sold
  2. Thanks Jimmy Doyle, its a nice gun to boot , unlike some of the MK1 Rapids that have round the block several times. The first person to see this in the flesh and pick this up will buy it.
  3. Later Model ( serial; Number 2020xx) MK 1 Rapid in .22 The rifle great condition please see photos ,very accurate, shoots and holds air as a Rapid should. It has is fitted with a Theoben slip on silencer , on its 141/2 inch barrel which makes it handle superbly. The block is in great condition ( virtually unmarked )and has the anti tamper removed for pellet selection / adjustment of your choice, and is fitted with a trigger shoe. The action sits in a modified nicely figured MK2 stock which has studs fitted ,its not been cut out at the rear , it has a couple of minor marks but nothing of consequence ( being picky here) It will come with theoben mounts ( in the photo) and 1 12 shot mag ,( no scope) I will leave the scope on so it can be tried out in my garden. There is a slight leak on the bottle when of , obviously this is not an issue when screwed on to the block. Face To Face preferred, the price is £535 Any questions please PM me. Thanks
  4. 2504 ...........having said you want the rifle , but no response to messages or telephone calls, requesting when you want to pick up the rifle today Friday ( now 8pm ),, which I put hold for you to pick up on Friday at your request .. I am guessing that you have changed your mind , or there is some other reason , which I can only guess at as you are not communicating ??
  5. Just to avoid any confusion , re "Metal Detectors" the Rapids are still for sale
  6. Sorry not interested in a swap for a Metal detector
  7. I am selling a couple of really nice original ( not been messed around with)condition Rapids. They both shoot as you would expect a Rapid to shoot The MK2 is .22 the condition is great not a mark on the block the stock has no scratches / cut outs. It has an evolution silencer and vortex end cap, will come with Theoben mounts and a 12 shot mag.£585 ONO The MK1 is .177 no marks on the block he stock has no scratches / cut outs. It has an evolution silencer and vortex end cap, will come with Theoben mounts and a 17 shot mag, there are not many MK1 rapids out there in this " as it left the factory condition".£550 ONO I have Photos but cant get then small enough to load on the site , so please PM me with e-mail address for photos and any questions you have.
  8. Got a very nice / not messed with Theoben Rapid in .177 for sale with a 17 shot mag. PM me if you are interested in more details.
  9. Looking for a boneman in the Manchester / NWest area. Can you please send me a number . Cheers
  10. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good Greyhound / Bone man in the Manchester area ?
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