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  1. I need some 20 bore cartridges that my OH can use for clays and I can use for rough shooting. Plaswad 65mm preferably anybody else use these and if so where is the cheapest place to get them. Cheers.
  2. aup u finished with my trap yet lol?

  3. hiya mate the mole is a crafty little sod and if he smells your scent or if you aint covered ya trap properly cutting out all the light then he will just turn his backside to the trap and either fill it with soil or kick it out of the ground.ya need to wear gloves when settin ya traps mate
  4. clonmel festival is still taking place it is usually late january early feb but to be on the safe side check on the internet. If you are serious about going you need to be looking for accomadation now. The Digs in Clonmel are almost impossible to get into as people who go every year tend to book for the following year before leaving for home. When we visited the festival we stayed in a small village about 10 miles away from Clonmel called Ardfinan.as i said in my post it wasnt the same as the waterloo cup but that was just my opinion.nonetheless the experience is one i would not have missed
  5. ay up boys with the new season upon us it was usually about now that meself and a couple of me closest friends used to start thinkin about the most famous of all hare coursing events the waterloo cup! every year we would make the pilgramage to stand side by side with like minded souls on the public bank at the hallowed turf of the whithins at great altcar. christmas and new year would come and go and as far as i was concerned you could keep em mate .the only holiday i ever really looked forward to was 4 days in southport in the last week in february.not much to look forward to 3 days freezin
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