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  1. I sold my s410 but still got a brand new mag in tube would have liked to have swap a hw100 mag with some one but you could make me a offer if you wanted.
  2. Hi I am very interested but Doesn't as retest last 5 year on a surface bottle? Many thanks Ian
  3. Will be in touch but will leave a little longer to see what's out there. Cheers mate.
  4. Hi does anyone want to swap an Airarms magazine in 177 new in box for a hw100 single shot magazine or maybe a standard one Many thanks Ian
  5. Hi Luke could you tell me what colour how many gbs and what network is it on. I have a air arms s410 classic but I dare say traveling distance may be a problem cheers. Squeak..
  6. Hi Can anybody tell me is it possible to fit a newcon NS156 night vision scope. To a air arms s410 classic. As I seem unable to fit myself. Many thanks. Ian.
  7. 6.6 flexifoil blade3 in flo green plus a libra vmax buggy all in very good condition looking for hw100sk or tx200hc or sim, many thanks. Ian
  8. Many thanks to all , the stock I was bidding on on fleebay has just been withdrawn what a wast of time . Cheers squeak
  9. Can any one advise me on the price you would pay for a walnut stock for a air arms s410 classic new and in second hand. And is it the same size stock in carbine .many thanks Ian.
  10. Got a old BSA s/s just had a knew side lever sping fitted gun to short for me .
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