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    new to area need to know best places etc parks not big enough
  2. Went to caerphilly terrier and lurcher show today loads of dogs all shapes and sizes, and low and behold there is our dog thief, bold as brass " SELLING HIS WARES" onto unsuspecting folk, who knows if they were stolen, his favorite type of dog to sell, not only does he get "extra cash" at no expense to himself, of course, but he then moves them on to an innocent buyer so now he is not in possession of stolen goods!!! The phrase "buyer beware" is oh so true.Also this man walked around quite freely, spoke to many people, looking at their dogs, I wonder if they will be still in their homes next week, maybe he liked them too much, greed is a deadly sin and this man is a outright sinner .
  3. I know that I can rely on your support everyone via this site has been fantastic and when I can give you the whole story begining to end I will, its a bit of a novel but its a good read!!! Drama , death threats, cross country chases and more dog thefts with a more unsavoury edge, you really would not believe what we have gone through but we are still here fighting for our Chilli, and they must know by now that we are not going to give up, the only way they can "get away " with this, is to return our dog, then there is no case to answer, it will be like rats deserting a sinking ship cos their ship is sinking fast
  4. Sorry to be so vague on certain things but it's because it is now in the hands of the police, this is so much bigger than this one theft, when I can give you all the full story I will, in the mean time if you see a blue beddie bitch you know who to call. I know this thread was originally posted on a different topic but I was trying to get to a bigger audience as possible I didn't mean to bore everyone everynight but the despair of having your dog stolen makes you try anything and everything, Chilli can't shout "I wanna go home".
  5. hi Molly , no we don't know where Chilli is , we know who stole her in our village where she was then taken to by another "family member" who then moved her on, we know this is 100%right and we have proof but at this moment I am unable to give any more details than that.Chilli is still missing and we still need to find her, she could be any where
  6. Thanks Waz77 I was so chuffed that a Lottie came home it took a lot of guts for those people to come forward with her but God I wish that was us with Chilli, I know that sounds selfish but I'm sure Lottie's owner's understand all to well the despair you feel to loose a "family member" in such cruel circumstances especially when you know the culprits who are responsible
  7. Got to say that the response on this site about our beddie Chilli as been fantastic I have had some great replies and pm's they have been informative and I have learnt some great "tricks" it just shows that if we all stand together shoulder to shoulder we can make these crawl back to where they come from, they would not be missed and our dogs would be alot safer. A little bit of good news , Countryman's Weekly heard about our plight with Chilli and they ran a story about her theft, as a result of this they then agreed to run a weekly column in conjunction with Doglost, this gave much needed publicity for stolen dogs. One of these dogs Lottie a spaniel was returned home after some people realised that they had unintentionally bought a stolen dog.Lottie was stolen last May , so it just goes to show that there are people out there with a heart, Lottie was overjoyed to go home and her owners , well, you can imagine
  8. I wish you folk lived nearer, this is a "family business", and they like the extra money, so they won't give up that easily
  9. Thankyou Waz 77 it would be so easy to type these individuals names right now because this is an active dog theif who takes any opportunity to snatch a dog, this one will hide it in his house and deny he has it when you confront him, a few have pushed past and there is the dog!!! he is arrogant, dispicable and will continue his trade every day, we need some way of exposing these people and letting other people in the areas around where these live, to warn them what these are capable of
  10. You are exactly like us we are NOT GOING TO GIVE UP, the slightest info we double check, determined to find our Chilli, OUR PROPERTY and we WILL get her back to her home, just a bit more luck and help from anyone on this site... don't be shy
  11. Need some help, does anybody know of a terrier , lurcher breeder in the Wolverhampton area , midlands?
  12. Sadly the Beddie at Rochdale is not Chilli, you are always waiting for THAT ONE phonecall, it's hard when all your hopes are dashed and you start to despair again, hope that little girl finds a fantastic home she's already had a repreve from death row at one pound and she moves again this week, it's so sad to see these dogs in care when they only need a home.
  13. never thought of that, thanks for the wise words, there's a way around everything
  14. I agree but the would turn it around on you because naming and shaming is an invasion of privacy rights or so I am told, its better to become a thief the law has an uncanny way of protecting them
  15. Got A great piece of news today about dog knappers in our area can't believe that they are so blatantly stupid Cheers for that Read this today dog theft has increased has increased 140% in the last 12 months FACT. Where are all these dogs going?
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