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  1. stumann


    Thanks mate I was isn't 100% on it
  2. stumann


    Do red tails need a A10?
  3. [BANNED TEXT] do ye think of that breed......
  4. is that tony from ferryhill ?? flys goshawks ye he flys goshawks but he lives in Trimdon
  5. Well lads I got the bird off jjm and [bANNED TEXT] a nice looking hawk she is..... Give me 2 weeks to get wight off her and let the fun begin Thanks again jjm
  6. Thanks jjm Ill be at yours for 11 mate
  7. I'll come up in tomorrow morning and have a look send me your number mate and ill phone you when I set of
  8. theres one on gumtree but i think their looking twice what its worth I'll have a look mate thanks
  9. This is why people don't use live forums because it is full of f*****g knobs who have nothing better to do than be cheeky c**ts on forums! Nearly all the Harris hawks that are on here and Bird trader are sold that's why I am asking if anyone knows of any others! So get a grip!
  10. Hi I'm looking for a fhh that's for sale If ye no any one selling one???
  11. im after one for me 4x4 [bANNED TEXT] im off roading
  12. stumann

    CB Radio

    how much you wont bud?????
  13. Hi all im after a cb radio if you no any one selling one??? thanks stuey....
  14. stumann

    CB Radio

    hi all is any one selling a cb radio or no off any for sale???? thanks stuey....
  15. gun is now sold to PESCA have fun mate....
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