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    Bass,Music in all forms,Heavy and otherwise,Ancient sites,disused MOD property,Dead technology........<br /><br />
  1. ARGH213

    BSA Lightning XL

    I have one,its a bit noisy,kicks a bit,but at 30-45 yards,set up well,it does need,by my short amount of evidence,to be 'played in',a good few hundred pellets shot through...but its devastating.
  2. ARGH213


    Paycheck??? Or have you been to London and robbed a Jewelers?
  3. Take it you mean even if the weapon is still bagged and padlocked,it still counts (my things have changed in 20 years) as armed trespass.
  4. BSA Lightning XL........It felt the nicest to me in the shop. OK,total noob question alert....How do you actually go about obtaining permission? Theres a place less than a mile from me,its teeming with vermin of all kinds,and can I find or see life from an owner,never....its old British coal land,and its just ..sort of..let out to the local travellers to dump their Shires for a month or two.... Bunny everywhere,as with woodpigeons....
  5. (hears the Mission:Impossible music in his head)
  6. ARGH213

    Newbie hello

    Thanks....Its great to wander in the woods,hills,fields,and get out and about again.....literally for the first time in years! (theres a LOT of lingo/acronyms on here Im not to sure about.....man am I green!)
  7. Cas....west of you by 40ish miles (never been to Brough). --- Yeah Im aware of the 'permission' thing,and its sense,else every Tom,Dick,and Harry's gonna just run about blasting everything in sight (saying that there's the 'chav' commune that ferret/dog EVERYTHING in the banks and hedgerows,and do they get caught???) As a mate said "There's Shooting people and people that shoot". For me it was a question of simple wonder...and to be frank,Im rubbish at judging distance,so Im thinking of joining the local airgun club,I just hope it isnt too cliquey.....to get a ton of target practice/nous under my belt. You cant ever be too finetuned ---------- On the bunny senses.....Yeah,Ive wondered,I know the sight and hearing IS amazing,but Ive nearly trod on a few when wandering about Thornborough Henge (I like ancient sites too),yet on the flat on the disused slagheaps..wander 50/60 yards away round the corner..and WHOOMPH...gone....
  8. ARGH213

    Newbie hello

    Thankyou very much...I hope to gain much from here!!
  9. Hi, Just bought my 1st air rifle about 48hrs ago...I needed a new hobby,saw an abundance of Bunnies near...and the rat problem...(flooded river + Scrapyard...and multiply by my nice but aged neighbour feeding old fruit and bread to the 'birds') and theres a lot of pidg flying about too.... Its my mates fault,it started by picking fruit for the 1st time in 15 years,ran onto a bit of crabbing at the shoreline and ended by a late evening bunny spotting session...Ive not fired any weapon in a decade,but my shots still there god willing!!!! I should have done this aeons ago..... Question I have seems to be an aged one.....save long distance hypnosis,whats the correct way to sneak and not spook the prey....? Currantly the best solution I see is sneak into a hedge,and just....wait..till it surrounds you (Rabbit) but its a tad time consuming. Any quicker way?
  10. ARGH213

    Newbie hello

    Hi there....Great forum! Looking to pick up lots of information about shooting,gathering,and patience!