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  1. http://subefotos.com/ver/?dc640b566371952982feef0e46ad9eaao.jpg http://subefotos.com/ver/?64107a205a48d43555cbbbf3d5031545o.jpg http://subefotos.com/ver/?36df10e93fc23e8a0b6bcea7e04000a5o.jpg http://subefotos.com/ver/?8ff8edc9ed1362f8d91cd7df819fb88eo.jpg the results of these weekends
  2. Yesterday 2 boars and 2 foxes un surface. I post a photo this afternoon
  3. Madrid, cazamos en Madrid https://www.google.es/maps/dir/Madrid/Barcelona/@41.0293354,-3.004326,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0xd422997800a3c81:0xc436dec1618c2269!2m2!1d-3.7037902!2d40.4167754!1m5!1m1!1s0x12a49816718e30e5:0x44b0fb3d4f47660a!2m2!1d2.1734035!2d41.3850639?hl=es
  4. Good week of hunt for EBOLA TEAM and tomorrow saturday another day of fox
  5. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, I know him Neil, jajajajaja. He is very famous HAHAHAHA Centre of Spain. MADRID.
  6. Not worth fighting friends. There are some people who resent the DJT or foreigners, but no problem . They will continue insult us and we will continue hunting with our dogs. Kill or die like a good JAGD TERRIER a greeting
  7. http://subefotos.com/ver/?5136cc78fdaa1955afb9b52d0fa6a5dbo.jpgSo you're more happy bryan ? JAJAJAJAJA I do not deceive anyone. If someone does not believe this or anyone doubts about our hunts, you are invited to Spain to hunt with us and our dogs. Men, I have received 50000000 messages asking for puppies. I have not answered anybody. My intention is not to make money, just share with you some days of hunting . I get such a feeling of rejection towards the DJT or to us. A greeting men
  8. http://subefotos.com/ver/?2ee8902f972ea543230f515e00977217o.jpg
  9. http://thumbs.subefotos.com/2ee8902f972ea543230f515e00977217o.jpg[/img] The photo. All in burrow
  10. 32 cm are 12'6 inches jajajajajajjaja I'm a foreigner, my english is very bad, I don't got clue but brightmorebredbess We hunt every week in the season YOU? YOUR DOGS? Friend I have not disrespected you or told that our method is the best but maybe you should worry about your dogs work more and not to insult foreigners. we just try to do the best , to work our dogs and have fun hunting A greeting friend
  11. 8 foxes today in burrow. An incredible day, tomorrow I upload the photo. Now I'm going to sleep,
  12. Nice patt Pablo, and Daniel. I think they are good for what we're looking for. How a good patt work? Very hard dog?
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