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  1. Hi All, i would appreciate info on a scope for rabbit shooting, im looking a great quality optic so far im considering swarovski z4i, meopta artemis 2000 and the zeiss conquest. Any info on a similar scope 3-12 mag would be useful.
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    sako kit

    Hi i have posted once on this forum but this will be my second time, i have did a lot of internet trawling on kit for my sako i need some advice please. i will give you the budgets i have to work to. Sako varm lam stain .223 (bought and paid for) Scope ? £500 to soend Moderator ? £ 300 spend many thanks for anyone who posts, and im nagging to ask does anyone on here use .243 with light bullets 58gr or 55r just curious and how do they find them over a .22-250 many thanks
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    Hi i have magazines for sale, all in good condition some full issues in sporting rifle, sporting shooter ,shooting times and sporting gun email for pictures. Is anyone on the forum selling a swarkovski or nightforce on the forum please get in touch