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  1. Ya know, some one with the skills vould make a pretty penny supplying areas with a few of these little deer. To people who would like to see such critters on there patch, a bit faster than natural movement can attchieve. Not that i would condone illegal activities...

    ahem...my time to shine

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  2. i get it in waves a few weeks where ile be up until 3-4 am and as i get up at 6 am to do the hounds and horses ime looking at 2 hours sleep at best...then all day ime dead! and grumpy...with 2 little girls its a challange

  3. I say fair play to the CMW.

    It puts our sport on to the shelves of newsagents everywhere and I'll bet there's many's a child buys and reads it and that can only be good.

    IMO anyone who's looking for graphic photos or stories of every last detail are not doing enough hunting.

    The CMW is what it is.

    its just about what got me into countrysports,seeing it in the local shop.it used to be a good read back pre-internet days when seeing a mink in a trap was pure porn for me and the odd fox snaring article was well worth reading 3 or 4 times!...when I was running about with my snares made from bike brake cable and carl brake line crimps :laugh::laugh:

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  4. I done a few weeks with a lovely woman from "WISE" (ways into self employment) and over a few weeks she helped me draw up a realy good 40 odd page business plan ect..and as I then had that I applied for all kinds of funding,most of it was too hard to get IE lots of pissing about. but I did get my trailer test paid for off one grant that would have cost £790


    edit to say...the "wise" thingy was free and only a hour a week

  5. ....I walk along the pavement picking worms up in wet weather and rescuing them to a patch of grass....I don't kill anything unless it's sport or I'm getting paid

    is it sad I also do this at times??

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