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  1. looking for some ferreting in east Devon or withing 20 miles of Exeter Dorset up as far as Weymouth or somerset up as far as yovil
  2. Does anyone ferret in east devon?? im looking for some one to tag along with
  3. WHY because i no a farmer who is looking for a peofecinal pest controler
  4. just wanted to find out if there is any pest controlers in devon???
  5. getting married sat, scared much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 14 ft the deepest 6 hours later we found the collar but no ferret then she poped her hed up coverd in blood
  7. Ianb wise words my man I have left the group well alont too many Wamkers on there who no feck all
  8. If you are on facebook please can you join the group !!! Stop an Epidemic - Consider a Badger Cull !!! need some support
  9. Jammer and Lolly, 2 female Jack Russell terrier types went missing on the 02/02/2010 from my dads farm near Honiton Devon. They often run off hunting but always return within 24hrs. There were a couple of possible sightings 4 days after they ran off but nothing since. Could have been picked up or stolen we just don't know. Please keep a look out for them. A reward is offered for any information leading to there return.
  10. Thanks everyone, they are still missing been 8 days now. My dad has walked all over the farm looking for them but he has 700 acres and sets everywhere. Just wish we knew where they were and if dead or alive
  11. My dads 2 Jack Russell type terriers have been missing for a week now. They ran off last tues which is nothing new for them as they live on a farm and are always running off hunting. They have always come back within 24hrs though but not this time. We have contacted the dog warden and made a poster which we will put up everywhere tomorrow. Has anyone had any experiences of this as any advice/help greatly appreciated, we are at our wits end with worry and think that something must have happened to them. They are missing from Honiton, Devon region so if anyone is from that way let me no and I can email you a poster Many Thanks
  12. My mate has just brought a U call digital caller but we cant seem to find anywere to download the call's from any one no?????
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