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  1. Thanks, bit far to have a look.
  2. Really helpful, thanks. I agree that my accuracy will be the problem!! Really looking forward to it though.
  3. love mine, bit fussy on the cartridges sometimes but 30g loads cycle with no probs.
  4. Thanks guys,that is really helpful, i am very much looking forward to it!!
  5. Any tips on the best 12 bore cartridge for my first season on pheasant? Average height birds. Thanks
  6. andyH1966


    assuming this is a new bird, i cant see what is gained by waiting, get him bowed and start manning. However every season since my first with the harris i have freelofted my bird and just dropped his weight until he flies to me within the aviary each year.I then have a couple of times on the creance then away. I know many dont like this way but it works for me. Good luck with it.
  7. i use it all the time, its brilliant. I do tend to use a standard net on the front though and use the clearview as windows to see through where the standard net drapes down. It is certainly best with a good hedge behind you to give a dark background.
  8. Really appreciate all the advice, gonna get the screwcuting done then i can dip into the piggy bank!!
  9. I have just bought a remington 700 in .223 for foxing. I am having it screwcut and wondered what moderator others use as there are lots out there and i am not sure where to start!
  10. Thanks mate,will take you up on that some time.
  11. hello buddy, from over the bridge from you...will make you a deal, you take us to your permission and we will bring the dogs and ferrets, cant get fairer than that... No permissions as yet, working on a few,will let you know if successful. Thanks for the offer.
  12. Hello, recently found this great forum. Got into Falconry just over a year ago, fly a male harris hawk. Also got 3 young ferrets recently. Hope to get some ferreting/shooting/lamping/ratting as well, anyone near me I would welcome help/advice and someone to show me the ropes.
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