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  1. here we have a Tikka T3 in 243 falvour in wood ,this has served me well I just don't have the time or the land to warrant it sitting in my cabinet anymore . it comes with a T8 moderator scope rings 2 x 3 shot mag and 1 x 5 shot mag .£375 no offers Guildford area
  2. your be lucky mate it is tight as a virgins hole round here ,but keep trying sussex there is a lot it , if it aint already taken .
  3. as title states its in good condition was used for my pistol to carry around in my van comes with 2 keys and all works as it should £40 on collection PM if interested
  4. PPK 22 rimfire pistol 2 shot comes with carry case which goe's on your hip £250 PM if interested
  5. i have a telementry set for sale its made by F,L Electronic's comes with tail mount and carry case gwo £250 ,i havent advertised as yet but shall be slipping it on to e,bay shortly pm if interested .
  6. 22 rimfire ppk pistol 2 shot for sale with holster . must have it stated on cert 2 shot surrey area £250 no offs pm if interested . noel
  7. here is my tikka T3 in 243, 3 yrs old has a 1/2 screw cut barrel, comes with 2 x 3 shot mags and 1 x 5 shot mag ,good condition £400 . T8 moderator £ also S & B hungarian scope 8 x 56 £400 guildford surrey area sorry cant load pic's come and veiw
  8. here we have a very good scope it is S&B 6 x 42 hungarian slight ring mark but else fine not long had a service in germany boxed with paperwork £275. no offers guildford area pm if interested ,sorry cant do pic's
  9. american cz 22lr rifle in good working order clean rifle not had much use as i have a secound . £150 no offers guildford area pm if interested. sorry cant do pic's,
  10. hetre we have the pulsar night/day vision digital scope very good condition 2 yrs old ir doubler leather carry case 2 sets of batteries plus charger . £650 , no offers guildford area pm if interested .
  11. if this is your first rimfire/centrefire the chances are very high you will need a mentoring ,you could get a chap lined up to take you on .
  12. looking for a cheap set of hobbles for a 14/15h throughbed mare .
  13. i have two 4 yr old ferrets excellent workers plus x 2 hutches x3 carry boxes and roughly 50/60 hemp and nylon nets plus x 2/3 gate nets the lot £ to clear pm me .guildford area
  14. as per title in very good condition boxed paperwork duplex crosshaire slight ring mark from use nothing drastic been sat on a 22lr . £250 guildford ,sorry cant do pic's
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