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  1. Thanks for the reply! Just looking for an affordable shoot. £500- £1500 for season
  2. Hi, Im looking for a small syndicate to shoot near to where I live in the North Downs Surrey/ Sussex border. I am looking for a resonably priced syndicate 30-70 bird days. Hope someone can help, Joe
  3. The big question is, are you hitting them with your eye closed? If you are, then dont change anything. IMO I used to shoot with left eye open, now sometimes i do, sometimes i dont. But making changes to muscle memory is a long time process. It takes 20-30 hours of repetitivness to consign something to your subconcious memory, ie doing it without thinking. So expect hard work if you want to change what comes naturally to you.. Some of the best shots i know, shoot left eye open. for the very reason you identify, good range judging. Best of luck Matt Yes Im hitting stuff. Doing well. But just dont know if i will only reach a certain standard by closing one eye
  4. Hi, I have been shooting with a shotgun now for about 4 months. I pigeon shoot and wildfowl pluss the odd clay shoot. I have noticed that I am in the habbit of closing my left eye to judge lead. Does this matter??
  5. Thanks guys. Really looking forward to it. I will have to go get my eye in for sure.
  6. I have two ferrets who will be working for the first time this winter. Does anyone have any info on working ferrets with the shotgun. Do you put the ferret down and stand back and wait for a bolter with the gun?
  7. Hi im new here. Thought I would join a few more forums to talk shooting. Im a keen shotgun shooter. I also shoot 17HMR and air rifle. Mainly pest control and wildfowling in dorset and surrey area and sometimes clays and the odd pheasant shoot. Be good to meet people near me. Joe
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