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  1. I've worked for tescos for the last 4yrs,in a warehouse,believe me if you knew what went on there you wouldn't shop at any of the supermarkets,not only do they treat their suppliers like crap but also their staff,i nor any of my workm ates shop there even though we get 10% off
  2. The closest city is Hull,closest town is Beverley,in north yorkshire,
  3. As the song says"if i could choose the life to lead then i would be a......." What would you be?
  4. sweaty


    I bet it hurt to have that one done. I wouldn't want to the bloke who was, um ... well, intimate with that woman. Bizzare. Moll,tell your friend to find a design that she's happy with then look around for an artist that she likes,ask to see some of his previous work and get to know them,there are plenty of good tattooist out there but there are more bad ones.My partner has a beautifull tattoo on her back,an art deco rose surrounded by tribal,myself i have some excellent work but some crap work do.So do your homework first and remember"a tattoo is for life not just christmas"
  5. Got in touch with a guy today that now owns the rights to plummers books,says he will help with a list,post one up asap,thanks to all that replied,cheers
  6. Yup,got about 20 of his already mate,but cant find a complete list anywhere
  7. Anyone know where i can get a plummer bibliography from,cheers
  8. Cheers for the welcomes,looks like a good forum to belong too
  9. New to this site,been into field sports since childhood,ferrets,dogs,cage birds,Scottish now living in England,hence the nickname,got one terrier at the moment for ratting,looking forward to see what this site has to offer,cheers
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