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  1. Im thinking of getting quail, for a regular meat source i intend to stick to what im able to keep on my plot at the moment, chickens and ducks etc as theyre fairly small and i only need to feed myself and my son as my partner very rarely eats meat. I would like to keep larger animals to add veriety and would only need to cull something like one pig a year for myself so any others i could sell would hopefully pay for the upkeep, i would hope to get to the same point with hunting, taking one deer for myself and any others paying for the privalige. The plot i have is fairly large so once i
  2. But how much better would it taste if you made the bread, raised the pigs and churned the butter!! ????? I do agree though there will always be a need for shops no matter how self sufficient a person gets (depending on how theyre willing to live i suppose)
  3. Good looking birds, i dont think theyre the best for either eggs or meat but are nice to look at ? Not a good position to be in! ??? problem is price for pols keeps going up!
  4. @DIDO.1 No offence taken mate, I have no issues killing them but promised her i wouldnt with these as theyre hers. That would be an easy fix as we have a guy on my site with ferrets but i wont lie so not an option really. I didnt breed the birds the eggs were given to us and tbf they may not be mixed i just dont know what they are and cant garuntee amy purity. Of the 5 were keeping to breed we have a pure legbar, cemani and silkie, the others are crosses but will produce good size meat birds and good layers.
  5. I have four cockerels that id like to give away, they need to go somewhere for breeding or just as pets etc as my girlfriend hatched and raised them so shes very attached and doesnt want them culled. We already have five we're keeping for breeding and dont have the space to house them all safely so unfortunatly they have to go. I believe theyre mixed breed but im unsure of what breeds. Im in the Doncaster area and collection is prefered as the cars in the
  6. Hi all, newbie to the whole idea of hunting etc though its something im finding myself more interested in. Im intending atm to purchase an air rifle to control pests on my allotment but the long term plan is to progress to deer stalking etc, the overall idea is to feed myself and family with meat and fish cought by myself as apposed to shop bought as im trying to do with the stuff i grow on my allotment. Any and all advice on getting started is welcome, Thanks Jay.
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