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  1. No good mate, they're a tough dog, too tough for their own good sometimes
  2. Fair dinkum, fearless little fellas aren't they. Good looking dogs, are these dogs pictured from the fella in orange?
  3. Yea mate that would be good, not after another one just yet but will be looking to expand in future. Handy coming from working stock, while both my terriers aren't from working stock they were both of farms. Young pup is pretty keen to give the fox skin a hiding, shot and skinned it the other day. 3 year old bitch has 2 snakes under her belt.... Happened when I wasn't home but she's still alive thankfully.
  4. Had a whippet years ago mate, but no I don't. Currently have an 8 week old Jack Russell X Fox terrier which I'm planning on using for foxes. Also have a 3 year old mini Fox terrier long story short has only just started coming out ferreting and has shown interest in rabbits and my retired working Kelpie who chases anything I'll let him.
  5. Central table lands mate, 45 minutes south east of Mudgee. You?
  6. You're not wrong, maybe I should refer to it as rats piss instead of cats piss.
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