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  1. Yes and no. They were primarily used and developed for controlling rodent population in mills but were also used for hunting fox and badger. If you search it up you can find info on that
  2. I personally don't have one but is also interested in this type. I recommend following jackalsoldcountryblood on instagram (or looking at their website) as that lad owns a few I think.
  3. As a yorkshire terrier owner and working terrier enthusiast, their small size is alot more beneficial then looks. Most Yorkies (preferably ) have long bodies following along their small frame, my theory for this is how they were also used for fox and badger huntin’, similar to the purpose of the daschunds long body, what Im getting at is that these bodies (followed along with short legs) helped them travel in tunnels easier/quicker. This isn’t really only a theory though, as I’ve seen my yorkie be able to move around in earth easier because of this feature. They also usually will have perfect
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