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  1. Ain’t no need to be rude if ya don’t like em carry on scrolling
  2. My pups mother was whippet x suluki she was a working dog father is from Bigland boy lines thanks by the way as long as ur on about mine an not the other persons
  3. Maybe they do but it’s bringing me pups attention
  4. Also this post wasnt actually to try and sell pups it was purely for recommendations
  5. Hi I have them on the classifieds their whippet x sulkis I’d forgot to put sulki on this tread
  6. Yeah they will work mother was a good lamping bitch fathers been on the field a few times but he’s racing now
  7. Hi first time posting where does everyone post there whippet x pups for sale I feel all I’m getting at the moment are messers So please hit me with the best sites about
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