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  1. Friend has recently lost a good terrier so is on the lookout for a new dog, in Scotland. He's keen on another Bedlington preferably as he does alot of bushing but is open to other terrier types if it is from working stock. Older dog preferred and would be going to an excellent working home. Cheers in advance
  2. Meant to reply earlier lads. Had a couple offers for a stud back when I was considering breeding from my bitch but decided in the end to leave it as she was my only runner for the season and hold off till next time. That being said, I'm thinking I'll try and source a coursing stud if I can when she comes in again. Mainly mixed lurcher types around this area so may have to travel a bit for a stud. Any thoughts on a Saluki stud and what are the benefits drawbacks? Looking for the pups to have stamina, good feet and be able to take everything, not fussed on teeth though. Cheers
  3. Keeping my options open mate. I feel if I couldn't find a coursing stud I could benefit from something racy with a bit drive that might inject gameness for other stuff that my bitch isn't as keen on. Trying to aim for a game all-rounder. Cheers
  4. Hi lads, new on here but not new to the game. Genuine enquiry, been running dogs for years and have decided I really want a pup from my coursing bitch. She's 23/24" real quick and coming up for 6 years old. She's put alot of edible stuff away. She's just started to come into heat. Although I'd rather wait till after the season I don't want to take any chances. I had a mates dog lined up, but he took a tumble a few months back and had to be PTS. Looking for something similar to her, but would consider a lurcher type, a racy beddy X or racy bullx. As long as from working background. Aiming for f
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