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  1. I don’t have an issue with hunting at all, just a shame to kill a hen bird out of season & during the two months she’s laying eggs.
  2. And then this from today: Very disappointed as I’ve had to do the exact same thing tonight. We have a collection of sports pitches on the grounds & because they’re surrounded by woodland & a large private estate the pheasant population is huge around here. I was walking Godzilla & a guy with a Doberman (actually a wonderfully natured dog so absolutely no slight against the breed or owner) was walking parallel with us & the dog was chasing pheasant but as soon as they went from run to flight he gave up. Well just as I got to a tiny forestry block I saw the Doberman go for
  3. A shameless copy & paste from another forum I’m on but saves re-writing the same thing: Tonight I’d just got back from walking with my partner and her spaniel & nowadays I always have a catapult on me. My partner went into the grounds with the spaniel & I went upstairs to get the pug so he could join us for a leisurely stroll. Almost immediately I got a text from my partner saying to “bring the catapult as there’s an animal that is in a really bad way.” A minute later & there’s this very badly injured cock pheasant on the patio. It seems like both legs are injured, one
  4. Good evening all, Im Protegimus from Hampshire in the UK. I’ve always been an outdoors guy & am at my happiest there. 19 years military service so far and still going. My interests are self sufficiency, foraging, the great outdoors & im just breaking into putting food on the table by hunting. In season I’m part of a beating team for a shoot but can’t shoot myself as I can’t secure a firearm where I live. I own an Air arms TX200 HC springer that I target shoot with but my real passion is my catapult. Currently shooting a Suffolk Slingshot Wipeout (TTF) with Sheshou bands and 9
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