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  1. Hello all, Once again. I have just placed my order for an FX Wildcat .22 and have my Hawke Airmax Compact SF on its way too, what i would like to know is what else do you guys suggest i look at in terms of accesortuies for the Cat AND... what do i need in terms of filling? i have a 12ltr 300Bar bottle with a Rapid 7 buddy bottle attachment and Logun S16 filling rig that screws into the R7 thread. just want to be a step ahead and not wait for the gun to arrive before i order my filling "stuff" Many thanks
  2. Ordered my .22 wildcat today! Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. see Derv, this is my exact issue at the moment, for someone that might aswell be new to the sport given the access i have currently, i think .22 sub 12 is my best bet, least i can then plink in the back garden. I just want to look at the bigger picture and plan for the future if that makes sense. I do have a MK1 Rapid 7 (albeit in need of a bit of TLC and some air) in .22.
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking for some words of wisdom please. I Have been torn between guns and i have decided i am going to go down the route of an FX Wildcat over the Cricket, mainly down to the placement of the cocking action, and i prefer the look of the FX. I am now having a really hard time deciding if i should go with .22 or .25. I'm only just getting back into the sport after many years out and no longer have any permissions or my FAC ticket (that was an open, what a fool i was not to renew). SO, sub 12 it is for now, i know the wildcats can be easily made to FAC so im torn between sub 12 Cal. .22 i guess is going to be the better choice for Sub 12 and .25 being favored for FAC - right? ill be mainly using them for rabbiting (if i can find myself some permissions) and a bit of target work at the local club (suppose i have to jump this hoop for my FAC) so with that in mind and the chances of FAC coming this side of Autumn being bleak what should i do for the now. Buy .25 sub 12 with the plan on my RFD FACing it up and adding to my .25 slot. Buy .22 Sub 12 - i suppose i could always go FAC with .22 to but sacrifice the hitting power and extra range of the .25 Buy .22 Sub 12 and IF and WHEN i get FAC look to buy a used .25? Thanks all. PS, obviously i am open to other opinions and views.
  5. Hi mate, i did look at this but i am keen to have fewer refills and suspect that adding an extra 30CC of air per shot will reduce my shot count a fair whack.
  6. Thank you all. I am going to go with the Wildcat for a few reasons, the cocking being center so when out lamping i can get them shots cycled quicker, the Cat seems more like a rifle than a pup, it looks a nicer gun. However i do not favor the power situation, to make any changes to the power seems to be a bit of a faff on the cat as apposed to that of the Vulcan and Cricket. The ease of power adjustments on the other two really have me in a tricky place. Out in the field for some long range bunnies then a push or pull of the spring tensioner and im able to pop down the power from some barn work.
  7. Thank you both for your reply. Certainly puts a spanner in the works and brings FX back to the fight. What made you give up the cat for the impact?
  8. Good morning to all, I have been a member of this forum for many many years but since the birth of my daughter (7 years ago) my shooting time has become very hit and miss and interests were focused on my match fishing, but... I have a little more time these days and my love for field sports / hunting have never left so i have decided i am going to return to the sport (having to create a new forum account as i cant remember my previous credentials or email, oops). So with the new year and my reintroduction to the sport i have talked myself into a new rifle, rejoining my local club and trying my chances at getting some of my old permissions back with my continued aim to gain my FAC once again, i currently own my early serial Rapid 7 Mk1 and she has never let me down (appart from when i tried and failed to service it myself with a T.R.Robb valve...), showing her age somewhat now and the buddy bottle valve is in dire need of TLC. Moving on... I am feeling a bit of unexpected love for A Bullpup style gun, specifically the Cricket in .22 flavor but i dont think the cocking action being under my chin is going to be much help so that takes me to the realms of the Wildcat; but then i read so many bad comments on the FX and always seem to lead back to Crickets or Vulcan's, so i am here today to try and get some real world unbiased (ok, maybe slightly seeing as nobody owns a bad gun) comments and help on to what rifles i should be looking at - Back garden plinking (upto 30 yards), Range shooting both indoor and out, Pest control. Also once that is ironed out i would like to hear feedback of anyone who has bought from Krale, the pricing is quite a bit cheaper than my local shops, it is convenient to order online from a purchase point of view, understand that we have the returns palava if an issue occurs and i love the dutch accent :-), one other question on that, what is the deal with them potentiality sending out an FAC powered gun? i have a Chorny so i would run it through on receipt but are they obliged to tune them down for EG for the UK Market. - private messages for this matter perhaps? Thank you to anyone who takes their time to read this and an extra special thanks to anyone that responds :-) Martin.
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