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  1. Bgp171

    Lost goshawk

    Hi all i lost my gos last nyt (weds 9th oct) around irby swallow area in Lincolnshire out lamping with him i found the transmitter but no bird so must of come off if any one hers of anything can you let me no cheers
  2. Yer will do and u mate and thanks for the advice
  3. Yer hes an imp the guy i got it off said he flew it on partridge and took a few rabbits your gos really nice looking forward to getting out with him any tips for the gos i would appreciate
  4. Ill be flying this little male this year it was last years bird cant wait to get out with him 1st year with a gos and cant wait
  5. My male gos's mum is a roy lupton bird and yer dale mews is good to watch aswell with hiz vizlas and gos it was me dad who got me into it he owned harris hawks for years and i fort once i get me own place im gunna get into it and did brill sport
  6. Cheers stavross ive alwalys bin into hunting my older brother use to have terriors and luchers and i use to be out with him all the time but for me flying birds of prey is an amazing sport and i love watching them hunt have to be a fast runner for hares tho lol [BANNED TEXT] there catching them on the next field and ya gotta get there as quick as possible as they do give up a good fight!! The birds ive had have been kicked off more times then theyve kept hold of them
  7. The harris i owned had amazing recall i flew it on a hare once on the lamp and it was chasing it out of the beam i blew on the whistle 2 sharp blows and all you could see was the hi viz jesses coming bk towards us was one of the best flights it had but the red tail was a pain in the arse and very temperamental and would only do what she wonted to do lol so the dog had better recall then the red but not the harris ha ive got a male gos now will be its 1st season come sept so cant wait to get it out
  8. Cheers mate and thank you Yer the catch rate was alot more then day time not that its all about catching as i like to see the chase but working the bird with the lamp gets me out every other nyt and im not spending half my day digging the ferrits lol i was slipping the bird on hares/ rabbits at easily 100/150 meters away was bagging more then lurcher on some nyts
  9. Bgp171

    Ants in avery

    Yer ive just bin to get some jay fluid gunna dilute that down tomoz and give it a good clean out im also gunna buy some vermex tomoz thats ment ro be really good they use it in pigeon sheds and ment to kill everything all insects and parasites so ill have a go with those tomorrow thanks for your reply
  10. Bgp171

    Ants in avery

    Hi guys ive noticed a few ants in my avery and was just woundering of any solutions of getting rid if them Cheers
  11. Hi all ive bin doing falconry for a little over 8 years flown a mhh and a female red ive recently purchased a male northen gos and was thinking of hood training it but not sure on when to introduce the hood its molting now so i wont be doing it yet so the question is do i do it whilst manning or wait till ive manned it up? Also to when i introduce the hood would i use a sip on hood so its quicker and less stress full for the bird or not?? Any info will be greatfull thank you
  12. Hi all fort id just introduce myself quickly im 33 from Lincolnshire im into falconry. Ive owned birds for the last 8 years i started with a male harris hawk then a female redtail and now i own a male gos hawk cannot wait till hes had his 1st molt so i can get bk out there catching game. I lamped the harris and the red taking ut in turns on slips with my mates dog had some cracking flights with the birds on the lamp!
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