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  1. Also for those of you doubting me... Heres Sheru again... on my property... in America. Dogs can travel y'all! And I know what my damn dog's name means.
  2. Any type of dog with bulldog mixed in is a serious animal. Can't be treated like your average pet and needs strict raising with rules laid out clearly. Espically bull type terriers, they have the strength of a bully but the tenacity of a terrier.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Bull type terriers are serious dogs, not to be f****d around with. Those "pit bulls" people call nanny dogs are the bull shit breed of the bull type terriers, the american bully. Those dogs were breed for nothing more than to be thick not a real fighting or hunting dog. Bull terriers, amstaffs, bulldogs, bandogs, and REAL pits however, those are meant to be working and showing their teeth. Out of all those dog breeds I listed only a show line bull terrier or amstaff with a dog owner thats experienced in high drive dogs should keep one as a pet.
  4. Love how this thread has turned into a brickwork debate
  5. He's just a bull terrier with a good head, he's pure aside from a fourth of pit mixed back in with his grandparents.
  6. He's co-owned by a friend of mine as well who lives in India so he spends most of his time there. The pic was taken there as well, which I'm using with permission.
  7. A real monster of a boar. The little lilac amstaff on the right took this guy down.
  8. We've run into some real monsters
  9. Don't be afraid to just let terriers be terriers, they have great strong instinct. If you can release your pup into an old barn full of vermin and try and get it to catch a scent. That's a great way to break your dog into hunting.
  10. Drop pics of hunting whippets below, long as its legal I don't care how graphic they are (unless its truly morbid).
  11. Also here is Peaches she's an about 35 pound miniature bull terrier. Small but has taken down some massive boars.
  12. Not sure how to reply to people directly on here but dillydog its not my building and you're right they've never been painted
  13. This is Sheru one of my dogs hes an old type BT.
  14. This is a miniature bull terrier on a massive boar. Her name is Peaches and she weighs about 35 pounds. Really packs a punch depsite her size.
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