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  1. Got load a stuff comeing for them and stuff to treat hutch so fingers crossed.
  2. Yea a reckon the last bird they ate had it. Bought some a that earth stuff to use will just empty everything and treat it all. That earth stuff nails them but is tottaly safe to eat. Can only try
  3. Haha aye well u never no. A bred bobwhite quail. Thought about getting some jumbo quail there rappid growers and quite a bird when up. Wasn't sure if any one else had gave it a go with the ferrets looking tip top on it
  4. Yea there supposed to be quite high in protein and couldn't see a issue with then and a egg or 2 now and then but you never no with it being something not what they would usualy have
  5. Any one ever had any issues with quail carcasses and eggs for ferrets to eat. ? Any info apreciated
  6. Do albino ferrets have worse eye sight than black eyed polecat types. Definitely seems that way when u see the 2 working.
  7. Yea they were decent size but some absolute monsters got away.
  8. Can't beat watching them hard up there arse bolting em. Really impressed with them.
  9. No they just hammer them and then leave them.
  10. Cracking looking hob. Love that colours.the hob a have finished his like a terrier.albino jill is good but the polecat cross is one heck of a fireball Hoping to let them loose around a few bits weather permitting tommorw. Thanks for sharing
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