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  1. a hadn't even though of that actually ill just have look now thanks
  2. hi .. Ive been very intersested in falconry since I was a wee guy . read books watched dvds done my research and decided to buy my self young harris hawk after all the years .. she's is about 6 months old now and had about 7 rabbits but I'm wondering how many people in the ayrshire area works them ? to go out for a days hawking or even just for some advice at the least , as unfortunately my friends would rather sit in and play call off duty it's a wasted generation
  3. bobby93

    falconry help

    yeah pal I have some experience in manning a bird and thanks for the advice as I've said I've done a lot of research and have a falconry book in en route ad we speak although ive struggeled to find much information in finding a flying weigh advice much appreciatied, one more thing I've heard people talking about flying weigh and killing weight is this the same thing ?
  4. bobby93

    falconry help

    hi there, I've been going out hunting with my friend and his 2 harris hawks for the last couple of seasons now and absalouty love it ! and now I'm thinking of getting myself a harris next year maybe, I do understand the time and effort needed for keeping a HH. I have learned a lot from my friend and he wil also be there to help me if I do decided to get one. my question is though. at the start of training a young HH how do you find and determine there flight weight ?I've looked all round online and anything I have found has been really vague. Ive just ordered a falconry book t
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