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  1. Acetuck

    Land permission in Peterborough UK

    Hey guys sorry for late reply! Yes its just a 177 pellet air rifle at the moment , airgunning at the moment I have had experience when I was a teenager I have been brought up about the safety and respect of even having an air rifle. I used to do target shooting when I was 17 but only back into it at 26. I think its more of a trust thing with farmers I did knock on a few doors but the best reply was call back next year! Ha Just finding the right people. Just going rats, pigeons at the moment!
  2. Hey guys I'm new to the hunting game just looking for places to hunt rabbits or wood pigions , I'm having trouble finding land, and farmers. I'm located near eye , if anyone can point me in the right path or give me any tips would be so greatful Tucker