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  1. Hi, new to this so place forgive any ignorance! I have just liberated my beloved Airsporter RB2 carbine from my son after gifting it to him about 4 years ago, largely because he has moved on to using a shotgun and also because he didn't maintain it in the immaculate and pristine condition I had done over the previous 20 years. in that time I had probably fired less than 1000 pellets through it because despite wanting originally wanting to use it as a hunting rifle, the availability of shooting land, work, life and kids got in the way! Anyway I've now got it back and having spent an hour or two working on the furniture eliminating a few bumps and scratches on the stock and fore end I want to bring it back up to scratch maintenance wise. However with no owners manual or diagram I'm wondering what it is I should be doing. Regrettably there is so light corrosive pitting on the blued area of the barrel and piston (he's put it away wet after a wander around the farmyard!) but most of that has polished out but I'm loathe to take any wire wool or wet and dry to it I case I cause real damage. Any advice on improving this cosmetic element? Finally, given its relative light use, but advanced age what should I be doing with regard to lubricating the cocking action, piston and spring or indeed if I need to? I am not at all confident with regard to stripping it down myself - mostly on the basis that I would be bound to have a piece left over when I came to put it back together again....so any advice as to how I can ascertain if this is required and where I can go to get it done would be most welcome. Many thanks in advance David