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  1. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Can I pm you through whatsapp or anything?
  2. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Lol why
  3. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Are his better than John’s mate?
  4. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Still haven’t got the answer
  5. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    I’m not looking for a stood mate
  6. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Arcticgun ?
  7. Sameer

    Saluki breeder

    Hi, I’m a new member on this and I have created this to ask who is the best breeder for saluki working lines. Is it John lennon? I have had Salukis in the past from khan jihad and dessert fox lines and I’m looking for another saluki now that would be top for hare coursing. I have heard John lennon Breeds the best working Salukis. Is that true? If so, is there anyone else who has better working Salukis or not? I have been looking on preloved and Pets4Homes but haven’t found a good one.