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    Cancer in lurchers??

    We had an old greyhound bitch she was fighting fight even in her retirement. Started of with what we thought a fatty growth on her shoulder muscle, only just big enough to feel. Took advise from our regular vet who reckoned it was cancer. We opted for surgery to have it removed and have biopsies done, whilst in vets for pre op they also had concerns about her milk line/teats. Sure thing cancer in both lines as well as shoulder musle. Due to the size of the bitch, very small only 56lb at racing strength they had to do two lots of surgery for better healing due to it being on both lines (not enough skin to pull both back together at the same time). There was 2 weeks between the surgery. Ask me now and is say leave the animal be, let things happen naturally. We had Bonnie home from vets for a total of 27 hours after the second surgery before having to take her back to put her to rest. Too much for her to go through. Not even that old. 8yrs. Total cost for both lots of surgery and very minimal after care. Was £1200, that was from a respected vet that knows his stuff and we have unfortunatey took a lot of business too over the years. Fingers crossed for use