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  1. Kroonster73

    New Lurcher puppy

    Hi, we picked up our beautiful lurcher pup Tez yesterday and to say she has settled in straight away is an understatement (although a 5am start to the day is something I'll need to get used to again). She has come used to a diet of tinned food and Asda dry complete which I want to wean her off and get her on to something decent and better for her to give her the best start in life. What do you all recommend? She is going to have a very active life although she is a pet rather than a purely working dog. At this stage (8 weeks) how many times a day do you recommend I feed her and how much? I have had dogs before but I k ow all breeds are different. I want to do my best for this gorgeous little girl so look to the expertise out there for advice. Thanks in advance