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  1. Joe_byrd

    Where to start?

    Nahh I can promise you all that I’m not a troll, don’t see the point in wasting peoples time for no reason, just genuinely want to get into hunting but not sure where to start it all, and as I’m so young (only being 19) I haven’t got the connections or knowledge someone Older than myself may have so it’s very interesting to learn about various things and gain knowledge I didn’t have before, like before joining I’d never even heard about using ferrets to hunt and now that is a piece of knowledge I have gained that I may be able to use in the forthcoming future
  2. Joe_byrd

    Where to start?

    I completely understand the comment about going in dry to hunting but I just know it is something that I will love doing, from a young age I’ve alwsys had an interest and wanted to try it and from a young age I’ve been into shooting and firearms, and no matter how hard I try I’m unable to get hunting off my mind even if I knew it would never happen I’d still be thinking about it and wanting to try it, but I agree getting ferrets etc at an early stage may be a big commitment so that might wait till a little later on
  3. Joe_byrd

    Where to start?

    Thanks a lot for all the advice guys I’m leaning a lot from you all, using ferrets to hunt rabbits was something I’d never heard of before so that’s quite an interesting thing I’m going to look into and watch videos on, I’ve got in contact with an old friend who’s family owns a farm or two about any shoots he knows of that I can go beating for and he has said he will find me some contacts and let me know so fingers crossed I can get there soon. In response to the video game comment that’s correct id much rather be out and about doing something useful and different than I would be sat at home gaming or watching silly reality tv shows haha (apologies I’m not sure how to quote messages here)
  4. Joe_byrd

    Hello from Evehsam, Worcestershire

    Thank you all for the warm welcome
  5. Joe_byrd

    Where to start?

    Thanks for all the advice so far guys, by the sounds of it offering to be a beater sounds like my best bet to get into the hobby so far, meet people and see where things go, I’ll just have to research where my nearest shoot will be now haha, fingers crossed one day I’ll be able to expand my knowledge and have a go myself, as mentioned in some of the comments people said about ferreting? Would an air rifle suffice for that kind of thing if I had permission from the farmer maybe a .22 air rifle?
  6. Joe_byrd

    Where to start?

    HI All, So I’ve always wanted to get into hunting but never really had the opportunity or the money as I didn’t have the right connections or as I’m only 19 I didn’t have a job to pay for it all until recently, ideally I’d love to do deer stalking but I know how expensive that can get and getting a firearms licence can be a bit of a challenge so I was thinking of starting small and working my way up, was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips they could share for a completely new starter and what to do to find some land to hunt on. Thanks in advance for any replies and apologies if this hasn’t been worded very well, thanks again. Joe.
  7. Hi all, So ive recently started reaserching hunting a little as I’ve always had an interest in it but never had the chance to do it and thought I would join a forum to read up on all the information and reasorces others have to give and widen my knowledge base as well as asking a few questions of my own. Also I Am 19 so I’ve got a lot to learn haha, hope to speak to some of you soon. Joe.